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Nearly 60 per cent of two-wheeler users "instinctively" answer mobile phones on ride while 14 per cent of pedestrians click selfies crossing the road, finds out a survey. Sixty four per cent pedestrians regularly do this and 18 per cent immediately respond to a call from their superior at work, even while switching sides on the road. That is only one part of the story. One in every three car drivers tends to send out an important text message, stated the survey conducted by consumer goods maker Samsung across 12 cities in India. There is one road accident in every four minutes in India, it added, citing government data. "11 per cent of two-wheeler riders would always answer their phone when on the road, regardless of who was calling, 30 per cent would respond to calls from family while 18 per cent of the riders responded to work-related calls," it added. In addition, 23 per cent of two-wheeler riders admitted to reading and replying to texts or social media updates…
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Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today said Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi should come up with "substantive arguments" to criticise the government's Make In India programme rather than ridiculing its logo. "Demagoguery may be good in election campaigns, but when you are in Parliament, we expect you to come up with concrete criticisms for which we will give reply. But to throw something like this may amuse some members, but overall it just projects the leader as not having gone into greater details," she told PTI. She was responding to the remarks of Gandhi who ridiculed the lion logo of Make In India as Narendra Modi's "babbar sher". The Congress VP during a debate in Parliament had made fun of Modi's ambitious 'Make in India' programme, saying Prime Minister has "created a babbar sher' (Asiatic Lion)" in which "clock and wheels are seen moving". Sitharaman said it was saddening that the vice president…


From desi ghee to ladoos to pickles, Indian students prefer to pack home made food items when they travel abroad for studies, says a survey.
The survey, done by the airline Virgin Atlantic, found that 'ghar ka khana' (home made) such as ladoos, pickles, desi ghee and spices were among the most preferred items carried by students going to study overseas.
"Food is an important item that students like to carry abroad. The most popular include mangoes, instant noodles and ready to eat food packs. Food apparatus like roti maker and other utensils are a must carry too," it said.
Other items that find their way into their luggages include bicycles, folding mattresses, dumbbells, selfie sticks, ayurvedic medicines and soft toys.
The findings are based on a survey of about 200 students who travelled in Virgin Atlantic for studying overseas, mostly in the US and the UK.


With the stage set for International Yoga Day this Sunday, yoga asanas were performed mid-air at 35,000 feet above the sea-level, arguably the first time ever! The asanas called Upayoga or useful yoga were performed as a trial-run aboard the Delhi-Guwahati and Guwahati-Delhi flights of budget airline SpiceJet with over 180 passengers and crew. The Gurgaon-based carrier has teamed up with Isha Foundation of Sadhguru to conduct mid-air yoga sessions on its select Boeing flights on Sunday, which is being observed as International Yoga Day. Talking about the yogic postures demonstrated, Gita, a teacher with the Isha Foundation said the session was designed to reduce stress for passengers who travel long hours. "These are safe, simple postures which can be done by anyone, and can be practiced anytime and anywhere. They help in relieving stress accumulated in the upper neck and spine region," Gita told PTI. The passengers on board, who had no clue about the onboard yoga demonstrat…


Nearly 200 people on a Singapore Airlines flight had some scary moments when both engines of the aircraft experienced a temporary loss of power and had to descend 13,000 feet amid bad weather, prompting the airline to launch a probe into the rare incident. The incident occurred at 39,000 ft about 3.5 hours after Flight SQ836 bound for Shanghai, operated by an Airbus A330- 300, left Changi Airport on Saturday. "Both engines experienced a temporary loss of power and the pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation of the engines", the airline's spokesman said. The flight with 182 passengers and 12-crew on board continued to Shanghai, China and touched down safely at 10.56pm local time, he added. The engines were thoroughly inspected and tested upon arrival in Shanghai with no anomalies detected. SIA is reviewing the incident with engine maker, Rolls-Royce and Airbus, according to Singapore's Straits Times newspaper reported. Power loss in both eng…


Dubai, which boasts of the world's highest tennis court, may also become home to the first underwater tennis centre where spectators can watch games from below or above the sea life through a massive glass dome. Krzysztof Kotala, a Polish architect who owns a studio in Warsaw, is currently seeking investment from local players to make the ambitious project a reality. Interestingly, the proposed location for the project (arguably one of the world's lowest tennis courts) is just next door to the highest tennis court atop the Burj al Arab skyscraper in Dubai. "There is not an investor but I would like to get interest (from them) as I think it is a good idea," Kotala, 30, was quoted as saying by a local magazine. When asked why he chose Dubai for his project, Kotala said the Gulf city had a rich tradition of tennis. "This will be something original. This should be somewhere where there is the tradition of tennis. Dubai is perfect for this idea," he said. The in…