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A 16-year-old boy's perilous five-hour odyssey on a jet's wheel well has forced US authorities to review the country's airport security systems as they probed how the teen got to the plane undetected.
Security footage from the San Jose airport in California shows the boy hopping a fence to get to Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 on Sunday. The teen who lives in Santa Clara, California, had run away from his family after an argument.
The boy survived the over 3,700-km journey over the Pacific Ocean — enduring frigid temperatures, oxygen deprivation and a compartment unfit for human habitation — as he travelled in the jet's wheel well at an altitude of some 38,000 feet.
"It sounds really incredible," said aviation expert Jeff Wise. "Being in a wheel well is like all of a sudden being on top of Mount Everest," Wise was quoted as saying by CNN.
But the incident has prompted authorities to question both how the teen so easily gaine…