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The Supreme Court today dismissed the plea of S Nalini, undergoing life imprisonment in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, challenging the law mandating the Centre's approval for her release and that of six other convicts. "Sorry, we are not interested," a bench comprising Chief Justice H L Dattu and justices M B Lokur and A K Sikri said. Nalini had challenged Section 435(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code which mandates the state government to consult the Centre before premature release of a convict if the case was investigated by the CBI. She has been in jail for the last 23 years and undergoing life imprisonment after her death sentence was commuted. She was sentenced to death by the trial court in the case on January 28, 1998. Nalini's death sentence was commuted to life term by the Tamil Nadu Governor on April 24, 2000. "Though 2200 life convicts who had put in less than 10 years of imprisonment were prematurely released by the Tamil Nadu Government during…


A UK man has smashed the world record for 'most cars pulled by one man' by dragging 14 cars over a distance of 18 feet and two inches. Simon Plant, 42, of Findern, South Derbyshire, pulled a rope attached to 14 Ford Fiestas, weighing 20 tonnes combined, at Motorpoint in Derby, earlier this week. He pulled the cars over a distance of 18 feet and two inches, breaking the previous record of pulling 12 cars over 15 feet, '' reported. Plant said this was his third attempt at the world record. "I wasn't going to give up. We all have goals in life and if you keep pushing and pushing you'll get there. It was a tough challenge but thankfully it was a case of third time lucky," Plant said. Plant previously held a world record 11 years ago when he pulled a 30-tonne truck a distance of 100 feet.


For residents of Brajbhumi, the birth place of Lord Krishna, Diwali is a celebration of five festivals which attract pilgrims from different parts of the country. "Pilgrims from different parts of the country participate in these celebrations as a family," Goverdhan Peethadheshwar Krishna Das Kanchan Maharaj said. Legends have it that after Lord Krishna killed demon 'Aristasur', residents of Brajbhumi lit earthen lamps on the day of Diwali to celebrate his victory. Continuing with the belief, pilgrims reach the Goverdhan hillock here and light earthen lamps on the bank of Manasi Ganga to mark the festival. "Though earthen lamps are also lit in every temple at Sri Krishna Janmasthan, a mass earthen lamp lighting programme is organised on the day of Diwali," Secretary of Sri Krishna Janmasthan Kapil Sharma said. Another festival that comes along Diwali is Goverdhan Puja, which has a special significance for the people here. "Lord Krishna protected Brijwa…


Visitors takes a photo on the new glass floor at The Eiffel Tower, during the inauguration of the newly refurbish first floor, in Paris, France, Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. Visitors of the Eiffel Tower can walk on a transparent floor at 188 feet high and look down through solid glass, with safety glass barriers around the edge.


A Mughal-era manuscript filled with Indian miniatures discovered locked up in a cupboard inside a rural England castle is now up for sale at Sotheby's upcoming auction in London. Also on offer at the auction titled "Art of Imperial India" scheduled for October 8 is a group of albums containing historical black and photographs of India. "The contents of the sale is very eclectic. One very old manuscript with 140 miniatures in it was discovered in a cupboard in a castle owned by the Duke of Northumberland," Edward Gibbs, Chairman and Head of the Middle East and India departments at Sotheby's, London told PTI recently. "The manuscript is quite splendid and looking at the miniatures is a very intimate experience as it was locked up so it has been preserved in pristine condition in its original binding and not subject to natural light or insects. It's an exciting find for scholars and historians and those in auction business," Gibbs said. The illus…